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Cherith B Designs is a woman’s ready-to-wear and couture line that fits the needs and lifestyle of a modern woman. This woman is on a mission to be the best version of herself and the only way to do that is to find joy in all the areas that make her unique. "What I aim to do is highlight those areas with my designs". At work or at play Cherith B Designs will provide the perfect look to help her emphasize and show the world her happiness, what makes her... her.


Cherith b describes the Fashion design world as one of creativity, reinvention and self expression. A single garment can be a history lesson, a voice to social reform, political propaganda, a trip around the world or the representation of a particular feeling or emotion. With fashion design, “I can be a painter, a sculptor, a social activist or best of all, I can be me.” Like other arts it is a challenging community to be a part of, to make your voice heard and stand out as an individual. But nothing is impossible.

Thank you for ongoing support of this vision...


CherithB Designs


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